Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitness Friday...

My fitness center

...seems to be a common theme in the blogosphere. Do we work out to be healthier, to sleep better, to be happier, or to look better? Some people may have an emphasis on one of those reasons, but my answer is a resounding "all of the above!"

 I have been using my treadmill off and on since we got it last October (meaning I could use it more often, not that I fall off...)

nice view :)

I don't enjoy running for long periods of time so I break it up into circuits of 5 minutes each of walking on incline, jogging, and then fast walking with no incline. Repeat 3 times and I call it good (usually around 400 calories with warmup and cool down).

 It works more muscles than just running, too. So far this week I have done this 4 mornings. I am hoping to keep this working out more regular and really get into a routine with it.

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