Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Communication Station

"DIY" is all the rage on the Internet these days. From "DIY" teeth whitening paste to "DIY" jewelry made from household items...we seem to be against buying a whole item anymore. We must buy several items and then assemble it into our own "DIY" project so we can brag to others how crafty we are.

Commence bragging: I made something. It is cool and I made it myself. Out of two items I purchased separately and combined all by myself. (Should I say myself once more?) I did find the idea on Pinterest. I came up with the name too - DIY Communication Station. Very clever of me. 

Items needed:
  • 1 picture frame with glass front (mine was from the clearance section at Fred Meyer)
  • 1 piece of notebook paper

Combine said items in a logical manner (see photo). Write on the glass with a dry-erase marker. You can read my super fake note above if you need ideas. (I obviously cannot put my real life cutesy love notes on the Internet for all to see...)
Feel free to be much more crafty than I was- add glitter, sequins, burlap flowers, popsicle sticks, etc. to the frame or bedazzle it to your little heart's content.

When the smoke has cleared, put down the glue gun and feel free to brag to others about how you made it yourself!

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