Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knitting Isn't Just for Old People

I have started my second official knitting project! I am making a ribbed scarf for myself. I am using Lion brand Homespun yarn in the "Edwardian" color. It is a multi-colored, kinda fuzzy, 95% acrylic yarn with black, cream, and gray in it. I am also using the recommended size 10 needles. (Yes, I usually follow directions - ha ha).

This project is a little more complicated than my first one because it uses alternating knit and purl stitches every two stitches (to make the ribs), rather than just the knit stitch like my washcloth. That took a little getting used to (and I had to rip it out twice in the beginning because I messed it up), but it's going along pretty smoothly now. I timed myself with my phone stopwatch and I can do one row (32 stitches) in 5 minutes. So...maybe in a few years I will have a nice scarf! Lol.

I will post another picture when I get further along, or when it is completed. Whenever that is...

This is my first knitting project...a kitchen washcloth.

Aka fruit basket mini-blanket...gotta keep my kiwis comfy!

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