Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Valerie's Victory Garden

Or it might be more of a defeat (wannabe) garden...we will see how it goes. One of my coworkers has a large garden/greenhouse and she had lots of plantlings to give away. I took a few tomatoes and cucumbers and a basil plant. They look very happy now and I know they have had a happy life so far. I hope to continue that trend so they feel comfortable enough to produce some yummy veggies!

I read up a little on vegetable gardening here. I think I am going to plant these little guys in containers either on the deck or in the side yard, since those areas are mostly sunny all day.

I really hope this goes well - it would be awesome to grow some of my own herbs and veggies!

Carpooling like little champs

Home at last...now where to plant them??

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